Oxford Centre for Advanced Materials and Composites

In 2008 it was decided to disband Oxford Centre for Advanced Materials and Composites.

OCAMAC was setup in 1992 by Professor Brian Cantor and for 16 years it promoted interdisciplinary research into the scientific and technological problem of processing, properties, design and fabrication associated with advanced materials. The aim of OCAMAC was to stimulate cross-department research within the University of Oxford and to disseminate the results to industry and the wider world.

During the 1990's interdisciplinary research became the norm and in 1998 the University of Oxford setup the Begbroke Science Park to actively bring together world-class scientists, colleagues from industry, decision-makers and entrepreneurs to translate cutting-edge research into commercial opportunities.

Most of the core function of OCAMAC interfacing with industry concerning advanced materials has been taken over by the Oxford Materials Characterisation Service under BegbrokeNano, therefore the decision was taken in 2008 to disband OCAMAC.

The content of the OCAMAC website remains accessible for archive purposes. View OCAMAC archive.