Kindbrisk, a company set up by scientists at OCAMAC were finalists in the 1997 Prince of Wales Award for Innovation. The award was to the Energy Compensated Optical Position Sensitive Atom Probe (ECOPoSAP) which was developed by Alfred Cerezo , George Smith, Chris Grovenor and Terry Godfrey of OCAMAC.

Alfred Cerezo, Josie Smith, Terry Godfrey and Chris Grovenor of Kindbrisk discuss their invention with the Prince of Wales.

This new instrument is capable of producing 3-D images of atomic positions and chemical identities in any metallic or semiconducting material. The major advantage of the new system over existing designs is a 3-fold increase in mass resolution, yielding greater accuracy in the chemical analysis of complex commercial alloys. The technique is of particular application to alloy development, microstructural stability and electronic device development.


Atomic distribution in a Ti-48at%Al-2at%Ru intermetallic showing ordered atomic layers. (orange: Ti; lime: Al; purple: Ru)


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